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Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:33 am
This just isn't my year...        

Well, Had another small incident in traffic. Was leaving the gas station the other day with a friend, as we were going to go out and enjoy the day a little. I was a little wary about doing it, but thought it was a pretty good day to go ride. So i pull out, and start towards the light- and i'm happy to see I have the green. I've been through this light many times, and it's never given me trouble, except on this day... I had a few things stacked against me.

-Helmet cam! Except it wasn't on me- but remember what happened last time?
-Cold tires
-Uneven throttle response from the bike sitting / not being warm
-Oil on road
-Not so attentive me.
-Unlucky riding shoes I bought from a friend that he had on during a nearly fatal EX250 crash (I blame these - they're cursed!)

Long story short, Back tire kicked on me, and I lowsided. Friend stopped to help, as well as a nice man in a truck. We get the bike up, move it to the side of the road to assess the damage, and I see that stupid camera staring me in the face, laughing - So i gave it the finger.

I was so in shock, I wasn't very attentive (and later felt like an ass because I didn't answer him) - Luckily my friend thanked him, so at least there was that. It wasn't a bad WRECK, and I suffered no injuries thanks to my gear. My gloves are a little scuffed up, but some leather lotion smoothed that out. Overall, glad i'm not licking roadrash wounds right now, even if my bike itself, is.

...Funny thing is, We still went out to ride, and it was otherwise rather uneventful.

Damage to bike:
Broken mirror
Scraped up brake lever
Dinged the clutch cover
Scratched the right pipe all to hell
Brake pedal suffered a little
Right peg feeler is almost completely gone
Broken GPS mount
Lost my cramp buster Sad
Bars may be tweaked- need to confirm it today.

Damage to gear:
Small abrasions on elbows of jacket- did not tear the material, just scuffed it up
grip palms on right glove are pretty gnarled up, with small scratches to leather

Damage to me:
Back hurt for a bit, but was fine the next day
Knees felt like they took a little abuse
My pride.

Here's video- Feel free to point out my moment of stupidity. Something just isn't right:

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