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Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:42 pm
Glad you're OK. Yeah, traction is finite.        

You probably had a bunch of little things conspire. Judging from the shadows it was pretty early? So you might have had some dew on the pavement, making it extra slick. You had the bike leaned over a bit more than I would ([url=]not saying much there[/urn]) anyhow, and if you were feeling a bit aggressive with the throttle, well, on top of cold and maybe old tires, and of course a fair amount of road gunk, in retrospect it seems clear a lowside could happen easily. You probably know traction seems infinite, until it gives way and seems like zero. All the safety books say you have so much of it, and you can use it leaning, accelerating, or braking (maybe I'm missing another...actually a physicist will tell you they're all "acceleration"), oh yeah, and pushing against the wind. In all you want your tires in a "static friction" situation, not a "sliding friction" situation, which is a whole lot less friction and the transition is dramatic.

Sometimes folks don't fully believe warnings until they are bitten. A friend of mine and I changed a motorcycle tire with the brake disc still attached, and through the struggle we found out later it got bent, and then warped when it scraped against the pads, and eventually had to be replaced. Now I take more seriously the warnings about such things.

Again glad you're OK. Hopefully 2013 will be a good year for all.

--Mike D.

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