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Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:00 pm
One thing a lot of people do that can cause these kinds of issues...        

Is to ride with polarized lenses or visors. While they're great for cutting down the glare... they, um, kinda cut down on glare that's an early warning system for riders to be careful.

Not sure what else to add as I've not personally had that happen to me. I'm sure the next time I'm out I'll have my own experience now, but 20 years of riding (and a lot of that in dense population areas) I haven't had a front wheel slid in town that wasn't intentional. I've lost the rear lots of times, but that's simple to ride out. And I've lost the front for split seconds at 65~85mph over gravel and sand patches, but that's also fairly simple to recover from.

The only thing that you could do to help is get yourself a cheap dirtbike and go play in the dirt. Learn to feel what a slide is like, learn to not panic and learn to ride through them.

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