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Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:29 pm
Two issues        

BobA wrote:
Not much you can do except go even slower and look more closely at the road surface, especially on sharp turns. Make sure you're not "pushing the bike down" by trying to keep your body upright when turning.

Better tires might help. but nothing is going to grip on oil on the road. Special caution is required if the road is damp as well.

There are suspicious turns I'll take at 5mph. If I see gravel or any dark patches, I'll slow right down.

I have new Sport Demon tires. I have two "questions" though:

1. I checked my tire pressure recently (haven't adjusted the pressure from the folks who put the tires on) and they were both at about 37 PSI. I know this is on the high end. Too high? Advice?

2. I have problems with the bike running too fast when I have the choke on. It takes freaking forever to warm up, of course, but I find that even when I try to adjust the choke down as far as possible the damn thing just zooms along with no throttle applied, to the point where I will brake and it will speed up after breaking without application of throttle. I find it hard to go as slow as I want to sometimes.

Newbie issues, obviously.

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