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Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:16 pm
Re: Issues        

I can turn off the choke eventually, it just seems to take forever to be able to do so without the bike stalling out at a light, stop sign, etc. Once the bike is warmed up it seems to run just fine. Wondering if adjusting the idle would help that problem.

The funny thing is that I wiped out on a corner on concrete, but my apartment's parking lot is gravel (which was damp this morning) and I have to make two sharp turns to park. I don't get it!! How the heck does your front wheel just slide right out from under you? I mean, this wasn't an oil slick. There was oil/gas on the pavement, but it wasn't like a puddle. It just laid right down without warning.

Frustrating. Anyway, I kind of like the clutch lever with the end sheared off, feels easier to manipulate. I got a used bike in case of something like this, I guess that was a good idea ...

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