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Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:19 am
Just saw this Larry. How are you now?        

Obviously you were well enough to do some posting.

Any more ideas what happened? Wind? These little bikes are not all that great in wind, to be sure. Great bikes but that's not their forte. Most Harleys are so heavy they don't move in the wind much; you'd be blown off and it would keep going.

Then again a moment of inattention on a motorcycle can really steer it wide of where you want it. I once found myself a foot off the pavement at 60 mph on my Ninjabut fortunately the ground there was level enough I could ride it out and get back on the road. A friend of mine who was very experienced crashed his SV650 on an exit ramp when the wind righted him at a time he really needed to be leaned.

Best of luck to ya.

--Mike Dougherty

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