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Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:22 pm
I'm into a whole different aspect of shooting...        

You have to realize that my .177 air rifle was ~$3000 when it was new, in the 1980's. And my .177 air pistol sells for $2500 today... but they are both 'world class' items, one of which went to an Olympic games (not with me).

I'm a huge fan of air rifles and looked into something that'd be good for small game about a year ago. The basic consensus is the same as with everything else in life, buy the absolute best quality you can afford (and the Really high quality custom stuff isn't that much more than the mass market and mediocre quality stuff). I think I remember $800 as about the price point for having something that's going to retain value the best, and be of sufficiently high quality as to be an heirloom item. Clearly, it can go up (WAY up) from there.

Make sure you understand what effort is needed to use an air rifle though. I own a SCUBA tank for filling mine (seems to be the cheapest option, used tanks are ~$50, inspection and fill another $25), some people use manual pumps, not sure if there are other options. But it's not as simple as using cartridges, just do your homework going in so you Know what's needed. Might not be a big deal, but it's best to not be surprised (I know you said you have a couple others, so this may really be a non-issue).

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