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Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:50 pm
Does this Action Packer make my ass look fat?        

I went from La Canada, CA to Lancaster to buy mattwood1221's Action Packer from him. I doubt that I'll ever use it for commuting or ordinary rides, but it'll be handy on camping trips.

Matt lives on the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains from me, so going to see him is a pleasure. 49 miles away, all but a few of those miles twisty. L.A. is such a big metro area that some commuters live way out there in the desert and choose the mountain road in preference to the crowded freeway. I shared the road with some of them today, but they were kindly and I mostly had the curves to myself. My "chicken strips" got smaller today. Took a different route on the way back through blooming cherry orchards and then green, pretty hills. I always have this conflict when riding those technical roads - do I slow down and look at the scenery, or ride in a spirited manner and look through the curves? Today, it was the latter.


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