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Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:23 am
Mongoose's Magical Ride Through NC        

So yes- I set off on my trip this morning. Beautiful day- left out to a nice 68 degrees- pointed my bike to a familiar road and started off.

Morning went fine. I pushed to the NC border for my first stop, which was a small gas station outside of Cherokee. Some of the most beautiful roads i've seen are between the two states. Wide open spaces and mountains everywhere. Bike ran beautifully on up until Charlotte....

As i'm coming into the city, my cargo net lets go- and I one-handedly catch the bag and stall the bike. On top of that, It seems doing this somehow blew my master fuse and the bike just dies. So i pull it apart quickly, make sure nothing is grounding and I quicky put in a 30a and take off again.

So I hop onto I-85, sprinting the bike at around 65-70mph. My GPS goes crazy and puts me on a BFE country road, and i'm pretty errr-- still, beautiful roads.

However, As I pull into Burlington, NC- this is where my real problems start. I'm going down this road- University Ave, and I go to take a left and suddently....

BLUAGHBLUAGHBLUAHGPOPOPOPOPPOPP and sudden death. It hits me with such force, that I end up dropping my bike mid-turn in front of a cop, who immediately lights up and gets everyone away from me. We pick it up and run it to the side of the road, and I set to ripping the damn thing apart. It turns out, somehow my spark plug became unseated- and the top of it had become kinda melted.

I sink- realizing I had left my spark plug tool on the counter and forgot to pack it. So I'm stuck, and the cops call in a tow truck. As the truck is enroute, I somehow jank the plug back in (but can hear it still pushing air through the hole) - I call nearby friends, and as i hang up, the tow truck arrives.

Can you believe they would ask 210 dollars to tow the bike anywhere. The cop tries to convince me to take it, as "it will probably get stolen if it sits" i decline- that's just too damn expensive.

I try to fire the bike, and it sounds a little rough but is at least idling. My friends arrive, and we try to get the bike loaded up but realize it's too much effort. So we decide to try to limp it... At this point in time, im already +3:00 behind schedule.

So I try to make it to an autoparts store thats 2 miles away. Within half a mile however, it pops again and I'm forced to bail into a gas station. I pull it apart again and grab the plug, and we go and get a few things to help in repair.

So we get the bike back together and I work through it- still noticing a little roughness. I'm about an hour out from their house, and so I decide to test the bike. It's now nighttime, and i now have to commit to an hour blast down I-40/I-85. Bike does it just fine, but I don't know- may have been my fatigue but it just felt off.

So the bike stayed together, but there's a little hesitation here and there. This was 2 hours ago, and now im sitting here wondering what else is going to happen. Time for some sleep, and some early morning tuning. Wish me luck!

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