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Sun May 19, 2013 4:26 am
Finally a ride where something doesnt explode or I wreck!        

Took the Super Sherpa out today- despite rain clouds looming on the horizon. I wanted to check out a road I saw on google maps that heads over the mountain of where I live, considering I haven't had a chance to run around on a bike since the Ninja is still on the mend. My destination - Paris Mountain:

This little gem situated along the US-276/25 highway in Greenville, SC heading to Asheville, NC had my ears perked for a while. I've lived in Greenville for a while, and apparently the access road was along one of my old riding routes. I had to check it out.

So i fire the bike up, slap the GoPro on, and really pray this doesn't end up like my other recorded adventures. I roll out, and immediately realize it's raining. Crap.... I pull into a shopping center for a moment, and it stops. I fire the camera back up and take off.

After a quick 5 minute ride, I see the sign for Paris Mountain. This is it! I veer right onto the road, and kick the sherpa down a gear. It's little 1 cylinder engine whirrs up the hill, and i tighten my grip a little. As I climb, I feel myself getting excited- looking a little at the foliage and liking how it's just a little cool and damp. The smell of flowers and rain blast me in the face and I pick up speed. Soon I'm making my way up the mountain, checking out every house and view I can peek through the trees.

The road is incredibly dynamic and twists like a snake up the still-climbing slope. I didn't realize until I swallowed that my ears popped; and The engine suddenly sounds much louder. I keep myself focused dead ahead, the air still thick with the scent of rain- a few small drops of rain hitting me. I keep the bike in one gear, wrenching it back through every corner but minding my pace. I'm still amazed that I'm climbing- it's now noticeably colder, but I'm so amped up that I barely notice. The little 250 engine screaming as I hit a straight, I keep my eyes pivoting around every corner. I'm still keeping myself paced, and still somehow going up. I begin to wonder how high up I am as I round a 15mph turn. Coming out of it, I blast away into a straightaway and finally see open sky. A quick glimpse over to my left, and I realize i'm now way above the city, and starting on a downhill. I go around an elbow and the sky opens up more. I'm definitely on top of the mountain! I'm ecstatic, and start looking around- Holy crap, there's some clouds below me, and this road just keeps getting more and more winding. I'm finally in my element, And get a little more confident in corners. My MP3 player is playing a rather fast track, and my eyes stay glued as I hold the throttle steady, still unsure how much more road I have left.

I'm treated to some more wide open views of what the mountain has to offer. I appear to be pushing through a flattened area for houses, but the road slowly slinks back over into a ridge, and I find no reason to modify my pace. The Sherpa chatters away as I spot a few neighborhood roads- I warily proceed, thinking I'm hitting a residential area - Nope! still more mountain. I see the first car since I've hit the road; a van, and It feels kinda bizarre that it's so desolate up here. I continue on the downslope, still winding around some gradual turns- then BOOM ... Open air, white house, road slowly evening out. With a stop light ahead, I realize I'm on the other side of the mountain.

Awesome... what an awesome ride. I press back home through the busy streets, anxious to see the amazing footage. And well... Here it is!

Sorry if you don't like the music- it's what was playing in my helmet speakers!

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