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Mon May 27, 2013 10:58 pm
Dudes.....clutch cable snapped while riding        

Went on a ride with the VFW today for memorial day today. Got about 3-4 miles into the ride, pulled the clutch handle, heard a *crunch*, no clutch. I rode another 5-6 power shifting until we came up to a stop light and i had to pull into a bank parking lot. Luckily we it was across the street from where we were ending up, so i walked the bike over there. We met at a bike shop, and they didn't any clutch cable to replace it. Luckily my girlfriend was riding her Ninja and she just rode on the back. Went back later and trailered my bike home. I'll be turning wrenches tomorrow. What are the chances that Kawasaki will have one in stock?

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