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Tue May 28, 2013 6:02 am
Got into an Accident, stressed and need advice.        

Last week I was heading home and a guy in a car changed lanes into me from the right. It felt like I went down hard. It happened so quick nothing I could really do. Was not going that fast maybe somewhere between 20-30mph.

My friend drove me to the ER for sprains, bruises, and some road rash.

The bike has damage to the upper fairing, right side: handlebar, muffler, brake reservoir and lever, rear brake lever, turn signal, and windscreen and maybe a few other minor things.

I am worried that my bike may be totaled even thought these are all cosmetic things. The bike seems totally drivable. I am scared that the other guys insurance company is going try to rip me off. I have never been in an accident and this is all new.

My gear is damaged, the phone I have is all wonky now, and my laptop for school is messed up. I missed out on a lot of things this weekend because of this stuff.

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