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Fri May 31, 2013 2:04 am
intro thread/first crash        

So after much deliberation, I decided to get a ninja 250 about 1-2 months ago. Been riding it EVERY day, just because it's fun and gas on it is amazing. As such, I've racked up about 2000 miles (as of this crash) in that time. I always wear my gear, save for the one time I didn't.
Anyway, my job at a grocery store called for khakis and a polo shirt, but I'd take the ninja out to a mcdonalds about 5 miles down the road for lunch (graveyard shift, so about 4-5am usually). I was having an awesome day- lunch was better than usual and it was a gorgeous sunrise with a pleasant temperature out. I went out, put on my jacket, helmet, gloves, check. I started the bike, pulled away nicely, and was about to turn onto the street when all of a sudden we were on the ground and I was scrambling to get to the killswitch (I figured that the first thing you should do if it's still running is kill the engine so nothing on the inside could get ruined... seemed logical). I got up, checked myself, seemed to be a scratch on my knee, nothing major. Jacket and gloves did their job, little scuffed but definitely still useable.
The bike was surprisingly okay. My boot had somehow gotten caught underneath towards the tail section and kept all the stuff on the side of the bike from scraping the ground (boot got scraped to shit but I was going to get a new pair that day anyway and my foot was fine). The most damage that had apparently happened was a lot of the forward left fairing (the corner that sticks out) had gotten scraped off, but its only the fairing.

Well, the bike is fine, been running great with no problems ever since, but my knee's "scratch" turned out to be a lot more painful once the adrenaline wore off. (picture attached)
Needless to say, I went out and bought a pair of riding pants THAT DAY. I'll never ride without my gear again, short trips or no.

I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have such little damage to the bike and myself, but it's still the kind of lesson that I only need to be taught once.


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