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Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:36 am
Motorcycle High-Side        

Hey guys, I bought a motorcycle a 1999 Ninja 250, used, for $900. Very Happy and I was riding to school and I broke my collar bone. sigh.. This was a month ago though, I'm way better now and still recovering for another 2 weeks or so but here's the story.
I was riding it and the floor was sort of dry when I left home. I'm not scared to ride around in rain just be more alert, follow the path with more tread and be aware of slippery surfaces stuff like that. As I was getting closer to school, mind you this is like a 4 - 5 mile commute so it's not even that far, the floor was more damp and wet but it wasn't raining. As I pulled into the parking lot of my school, and it goes a bit downhill, I was braking (with both brakes) and my rear last traction and it slipped to the left and my left side was facing down hill when I high sided and fell off the left side of my bike and landed on my shoulder, causing the clavicle to fracture. I think if I would have rolled or slid I wouldn't have this injury. Sigh.. Nothing else happened, my helmet is fine, my jacket shows no signs of scuffs, my boots and pants were fine too. The motorcycle on the other hand had a broken turn signal and the bracket that holds the shifter snapped, but I have a friend that owns a shop and he said he would fix it for me. What are your comments? I just want another riders thoughts haha. Thanks for reading that novel of a message. I really appreciate it. Thanks! Smile

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