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Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:26 am
Report: Bar riser install on 300 ABS        

When I felt the pressure on my wrists from sitting on my new 300 I was pretty sure I wanted bar risers - but I was concerned the brake hose might be too tight to reach.

I checked around for info on this and didn't find anything, but went ahead anyway and ordered 1" risers from SSR Motorsports on Amazon ($49.99). The risers arrived quickly, and are very nicely finished. Longer bolts are included. These are the same risers as the ones for the 2008-2011 250R:

Unlike the last time I put risers on a bike, these were easy to slide in and bolt down. (Turning the handlebars to the right gives plenty of slack for installing the right-side riser.)

Once the risers were on, I could see and feel the brake hose tighten up when the bars were turned hard left. One 300 owner diagnosed the problem as being caused by a black metal retaining loop sticking out too far:

Later in the thread he suggests taking a piece of wood and a hammer and tapping the loop to bend it back closer to the tube so it doesn't press on the brake hose when the bars are turned to the left. The loop is shown clearly in these two photos:

I took his advice, and used a rubber mallet and a 15" piece of wood to coax the metal loop back toward the tube. That worked very well, and though the hose does make light contact when the bars are hard left there's no real pressure or friction.

On the clutch side, the cables have plenty of slack. When I took the bike out afterward I didn't notice any changes in the action or take-up points of the brake or clutch.

Verdict: the risers are cheap to order, easy to install, and IMO are a worthwhile improvement for in-town as well as highway riding.

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