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Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:52 pm
It coulda been way way worse!        

Friday on the way home from work, traffic is pretty bad on the 101 fwy. I'm lane splitting at about 10MPH with traffic either barely moving or parked. For the most part, there's plenty of room, but I hit a point where it was going to be tight when the guy on the left decides he doesn't like bikes splitting and cuts his wheels to the right, blocking the way. It was clear why he did it, since there was zero chance of him changing lanes. Did I mention I was about even with the rear door (4 door sedan)? Fortunately, I've practiced off and on making quick stops since my first crash 4 years ago, when I used all the front brake, all at once, with the expected results.

So this time, without really thinking much, I brake slightly with the front and a little more with the rear while pulling in the clutch, coming to a dead stop with my left foot down. The problem was I was off balance, and the freeway was sloped left to right. So over to the right I start to go. Luckily, I was able to get my right foot down and use my right hand to lean on the hood of the car next to me, which fortunately stopped short.

For the briefest moment, I contemplated going after the idiot, but common sense won out, and I blew past him once I got moving again. It did take about a mile or so before the mad wore off though, and I realized that had I not been watching out for a-holes like that guy, and had I not practiced quick stopping to make it muscle memory, things could have been way worse for me. As it stands, there is a tiny little crack in my right blinker, but otherwise, there was zero damage to my bike, the car, and my body.


1. Lane splitting can be risky if you are not ALWAYS paying attention
2. Practice making quick stops - it could be the difference between no drop/no crash and a trip to the ER with a broken collar bone and 3 cracked ribs
3. Even if you're right, the car will win 99% of the time, so don't make a bad situation worse

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