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Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:08 pm
I doubt it's cheaper.        

The cost of new fairing panels is all process, shipping, handling, and OEM gouging, with minimal cost for plastic. On the 300 it seems Kawi wanted to mix&match textures and execute fancy shaping. For instance, the side fairing is actually three separate pieces (these stay together as one unit when removing or replacing the side fairing), which creates the need during assembly to fit & fasten these pieces together. They've gotten awfully cute about it. For instance, removing the rider seat and accessing the battery requires unscrewing fasteners to remove two fairing pieces, and then undoing a couple of bolts. That's form over function, in search of a sleek look. While I was fighting with these fairings, I somehow found myself contemplating the virtues of nakeds and the more rugged dual-sports. That might redouble if I was also paying to replace them.

(IIRC, I mused that somewhere out there in the future is a Suzuki DR-Z400S with FI, a six-speed gearbox, ABS with a shutoff switch, and my name on it...)

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