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Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:56 am
So... every finisher rode a bike over 1000cc?        

Looking at the final post from that blog link that you sent, it's pretty surprising that almost everyone who entered chose enormous bikes like FJR1300s, Gold Wings, and big BMWs. And every single finisher rode that kind of bike. Maybe I'm putting the wrong slant on the data - maybe very experienced riders who can put in so many thousand-mile days tend to gravitate to larger bikes later in their riding careers? Maybe people chose big engines because they wouldn't be straining the engines even over many days of high speeds? I'm sure ergonomics and comfort are huge factors in the IBR, just to avoid crippling back pain or a tendency to pass out - maybe it's only possible to get that from a big bike? I dunno. But I found the pattern surprising.

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