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Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:29 pm
Hi-Viz still OK after about five years (not commuting though)        

funkshn wrote:
I bought Cycleport kevlar mesh in hi-viz yellow years ago, and for the first year or two it was great. But 40,000 miles or more on the bikes just brings coatings of asphalt-colored dirt that you can't get out even with overnight soaks in the bathtub or separate washes in commercial machines.

For my next gear incarnation, I'm going with black or gray. Then I'll buy some cheap mesh vests with lurid neon accents and strap them over my gear for a few months until they fall apart; then buy more. Cheap and effective.

When I'm wearing the mesh I put the raingear underneath. It lasts a long time that way and works just as well.

Glad you had a good time! I just spent a little over a week in Michigan, my first time in the Midwest. It gives me the urge to straddle one of my bikes and head back there from California.


Yeah, but my Olympia (non-mesh) still looks good after about five years. The front that gets the bugs is a little off, and I'm not sure how many washings it can take anymore, but it still lights up decently and the back is apparently quite bright. Here I am in a picture of myself in tinted glass, standing far enough away to be in the sun. I think it does pretty well. Not a great picture but it gives some idea.

Thanks for reading!



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