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Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:30 pm
I have a big bike        

So I speak from personal experience.

funkshn wrote:
I bought an SV650 last spring, and even the extra 80 pounds, plus greater seat height, takes its toll on my sense of control. I can't imagine throwing my short legs across something that weighed 500 to 800 pounds.

I've done 1K miles day on ninja250 and on K12gt. I'll take GT everytime if all I need is to cover highway miles. Better wind protection, better comfort, less vibrations, more light at night, less tiring. Weight is not an issue when you are moving. Narrow twisty roads or city traffic - sure, ninja250 will do much better.

funkshn wrote:
I guess you could carry more on a bigger bike. But wouldn't you also lose fuel range? The EX250 classic has an honest 250+ miles range even when going pretty fast. Is that true of big bikes?

Going 70-80mph - there is no way ninja250 will have 250+ miles range. At least mine never got into that range even on local roads as I tend to ride more aggressively. 52mpg is the best I got from ninja. 42mpg is what my K gets. In any case, IBR riders usually have additional fuel cells or extended tank, so mileage is not a problem. Even Leon had 10 gallon tank on his ninja250 when he was doing IBR.

funkshn wrote:
And what is it that you're carrying? This is not a pleasure cruise. Some riders make do with only one change of clothing and a small container of liquid detergent.

Sure. Some riders do that. Others have a lot of gadgets, electric clothing, spare parts, tools, extra fuel, and more. Ability to sustain more electrical gadgets and heated clothing is another advantage of a big bike.

funkshn wrote:
I have to be honest - although I have a strong intellectual curiosity about Iron Butt, it seems like the opposite of why I ride. Their motto could be, "Let's do something we love, and do it so long that we hate it." I too want to cross the country a few times in the future, but I want to take weeks or months to do so.

I am the same way. IBR doesn't really attract me. But I definitely see why some people want to do it. It's just not for me. I don't like to be rushed Smile

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