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Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:32 pm
FWIW, I only paid $150 for that jacket (and $100 for the Darien pants)        

Both were "used".. actually, I think the term "pre-owned" works better because I had to break in the jacket. Both were bought through the ADV flea market, but all 'Stich gear goes FAST so you have to jump on deals.

And yeah, I'm done with my 30,000 mile/year riding habit too. But I think I've got ~20k miles on on the jacket (and a good bit of that in dualsport mode, meaning I've fallen in the dirt a lot) and it still cleans up great. The Darien isn't quite as course as the Roadcrafter, and maybe they refined their dying process a little between what M has and what I have.

Anyway, if you have more time than money, trolling ADV is a good way to find some deals.

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