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Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:40 pm
Brian, about washing your 'stich        

I was wondering how easy it is to wash yoru Darian and how well it seems to hold up to that. I think Aerostich sells stuff to wash and maybe re-waterproof their stuff. I just take out the armor in my Olympia, maybe pre-treat the worst of the bug splats, and throw it in the washer with liquid ALL, with a slow spin cycle being the big concession. There's some fraying here and there but nothing to keep me from wearing it just yet, after probably five years.

The mesh panels on the arms that are exposed when that venting is open got ripped on one side, but otherwise there's no functional damage. The heavy mesh pants, with strategic non-mesh have done well except the reflective piping down the legs has lost much of its reflective fabric wrapping (so it's just nonreflective piping now mostly), and of course hook parts of hook-loop fasteners are annoying when they catch other things so a bit of extra care has to be taken that they are buried in the loops.

Wash-ability is always a big plus for any outfit, but particularly those in high visibility colors. I tend to walk into a lot of convenience stores and the like when gassing up, so I'm wearing my outfit and hoping to keep the bugs and stuff to a minimum. Not easy on a long trip (maybe a little wiping down here and there) but when riding from my home base it's good to keep it sparkly clean.

There's also the sweat factor but we won't go there. Embarassed

Mike D.

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