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Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:34 pm
Minor update on Hells Angels I saw; parental attitudes        

Hi all,

I had a nice long chat with my mother last night, and she said it was kind of funny that the locals were really worried about the expected 500-1000 Hells Angels that descended on the Rockford, IL area where my folks live. But they basically came, stayed, cleaned up after themselves and left, according to her. This was shortly after 14 of them were arrested for a brawl--internal I think--at their local clubhouse that was then condemned, so I guess everyone was on edge knowing they had been planning to camp out in the area (even before the arrests) but they were apparently on decent behavior. (That's not completely authoritative, but I can't find anything on the aftermath except for articles with teasers that seem to agree, but that need a subscription.)

Also, I think after meeting my folks on my bike a couple times over my 10-year riding history, I've actually gotten them to have some positive attitudes about some motorcyclists and the whole idea of two-wheel travel. It helped for them to see my ATG both times, including the high-viz solid yellow jacket. My mother went so far as to buy and send me a Harley Davidson lamp with a big ring-style bulb and a shade with lots of HD logos and scenes on it, after seeing it at an antiques mall. I really like it (hey, it came from Mom!), though some folks would probably see it as akin to the leg lamp from "Christmas Story."

Seeing a bit of a twinkle in my mom's eyes when she talks about motorcycle-themed items that she sees that remind her of me makes me realize that we really are all ambassadors for our hobby, or whatever you want to call it. I got nothing but pleasant receptions from people on the road when I took my trip, and previous ones. It probably helps that I'm pretty darned happy (and probably harmless looking) when on those rides, so I'm always smiling, but since I wear a FF helmet I don't have bugs in my teeth. The top half of the jacket is another story, and they do show up well on yellow. Embarassed

For what it's worth.
-Mike D.

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