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Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:28 pm
I snapped.        

Heyo. New to your site and also new rider (well 4 months so far). I have to tell a little tale. Really little.

Was on my way home from the dealership to get its first service ever (Whooooo!) When I came to a stop at a red light. As I'm ready to gun it to 30Km/h (Yeah I'm Canadian) in a second I see a vehicle to coming to my right making a right turn. The light was defiantly red for him because I was rolling on the throttle. Yet he went through it like he had a green. "Not a big deal. Stuff like that happens all the time" But split second later realize that he isn't fully in the turn, he actually went for the left lane "Mine" So I gotta slow down and fast and while he cuts into my lane he slows the fuck down to 30km/h on the hill (Limit is 50)(And Bylaw. Red lights to be treated as stop signs and rolling over to the next lane is only permissible after riding the right lane and up to the speed limit). I lost it. I popped second gear, switched to the right lane (Look signal, check ALWAYS ; )) and passed him to get back into my lane. And load and behold next set of lights was a red. Stopped at the lights. Made sure "that" car was stopped behind me using my mirrors, and THEN turned the turning signal on. And boy My face lit up so much when I saw other lane piling up! Green hits and traffic goes along as usual. Few cars pass when I start hearing a pipping horn behind me. I'm pretty sure it was him telling me to go. I didn't care because I couldn't. I mean I "could" but I'm not confident enough to gun it from a complete stop confident that the bike will be perfectly smooth. So I was waiting there for 30 seconds before I could finally go. Odd thing I see in my mirror is that hes turning behind me as well. Even though I didn't see a turning signal the whole time. I think he wanted to have a lil chat. But my stop was only 1/4 of a kilometer away and he didn't pursue in the next turn.

So. Am I an asshole? I've experience road rage before. But was able to shrug it off because people "do" make mistakes. But I feel the driver of the car needed to be taught a lesson. I feel Like a prick. Yet I'm happy about it.

I know this probably wasn't entertaining. But I feel I should get some feedback as to what I did. I don't want to make a habit out of it. Heh

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