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Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:55 pm
First long distance ride        

I was going to be visitng my girlfriend this weekend and had decided to use my motorcycle as my mode of transportation. I plan this a week from friday and prepared. Since I was going to my girlfriends house, I didnt need much and decided to use my normal riding backpack for the trip, so I didnt have any luggage other than the backpack

On Friday, around 4pm the weather prediction changed to almost guarantee rain while I would be on the road. My textile jacket has a removal waterproof liner, so I decided to go on with it and deal with the rain. Ive ridden in rain maybe once or twice, and had been on the highway a couple of times, but Im mostly comfortable in the city. I figured that I needed to expose myself, and learn to deal with it for the experience.

Initially I had to adjust myself quite a bit to get comfortable with the wind, and also learn how to deal with turbulence. Nothing brutal, but just needed to get used to it. After about 10 miles, I was comfortable and actually enjoying it. I read so much on how the 250 isnt good for highway riding due to its weight and lack of speed, but this almost disproved that to me. Its very easy to plan out passes and make the move without much effort, and the turbulence is very manageable. It was 150 miles both ways and it was a piece of cake. The bike felt good and made it enjoyable.

The only complaints are the seats after an hour of riding. Day 1 I felt like I needed to stop to stretch and walk. Im sure you get used to it though, because the ride back was much better and I got through the hour and a half just fine. Day 1 I also hit rain at mile 60, and pulled over to fit my liner in. Rain wasnt hard, but even then I was still comfortable. Mile 120 I started to get a TAD bit cool, but was able to make it without getting cold.

Day 2 was even better. Without needing to worry about rain, I was cruising and enjoying the scenery. The 150 miles went by very quick and had no issues other than my right ankle getting sore from the position on the pedal.

All in all, for me it was positive experience. I learned some new stuff and got comfortable with driving the bike at highway speeds in traffic. Pretty good bonding experience with the bike.

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