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Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:53 pm
Experience of other bikes - Readers views handling comparisons.        

Not sure what was the right section for this discussion sorry if I got this wrong, and sorry also if this is going over old ground.

Really interested to hear how other owners feel the 250's handling compares to the other bikes they have ridden.

For my part I have had 6 bikes in total and ridden others of various design,and prior to the 250 my favourite for handling was always the second bike which I owned which was a Kawasaki AR80.

A very light 2 stoke bored out to 80cc a reed valve. A bike that weights the same as a moped but has 3 x the BHP.

The Bikes that followed had more and more BHP but I never felt you could throw them around the same way.

a GPZ 305
VT 500E
GSX 600F

Finally the ZZR250. The 250 feels so feather light in its handling that I can go hard into a corner with no fear of it trying to stand up when you feed in the power, takes me right back to the joys of my earlier lighter bikes. In terms of the power output there is plenty enough to keep you smiling providing you can keep the revs up, which just makes it more fun.

I had a ride out on my neighbours 1000 cc Triumph recently and it just felt like a tank in comparison.

I kind of feel that I have wasted a lot of time I should have got this bike when it was built 23 years ago.

Would really appreciate some views and comparisons.

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