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Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:19 am
I had one of those happen once...        

I was passing a truck on I-90 headed to Billings from Bozeman (Montana), I was in the outside lane passing as we were headed down from one of the passes and all of a sudden *BOOOOOMMMMM!!!*, the damn concussion Alone about knocked me off the bike as the tire blew. The next instant, tread was flying at my head (mind you, I was moving along at about 90~100mph ~ this was back when MT had 'Reasonable and Prudent' speed limits). It was only luck, pure and unadulterated, that got me past that hunk 'o flyin' rubber, but it passed to my right at neck or shoulder level.

Worst thing I've run over on a freeway? A mattress. Hit that on the 285 beltway around DC, thankfully I was commuting on a dual-sport so it was nothing to just stand up and ride it out (sorta like hitting mud at high speeds).

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