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Sun Oct 20, 2013 1:45 pm
Longest ride so far on the Ninja        

Went on a 372 mile ride on the EX250F yesterday. I've done 500+ mile rides before but on different bikes. Yesterday's ride was from Cedar Park, TX to Leakey and back. There were some really good tight turns along the way. Bandera Pass on highway 16 between Kerrville and Medina was a good stretch. They repaved it since the last time I rode it and the surface was excellent. Heading into Leakey on 337 there is a sign stating that since January 2006 there have been 11 motorcycle related deaths on that 12 mile stretch. I came across a motorcycle crash on that same stretch where a guy on a Honda VTX lost control and slid across the center line into an oncoming car. I wasn't the first person there, one of the other bikers there told me to go back up the hill and try to make a phone call. I did but there was no signal, so I went back to the crash site to tell them. They had already sent someone to Leakey to get help. I continued on to Leakey and passed some emergency vehicles coming the other way. On my way back I saw the ambulance at the side of the road about a mile from the crash. They had to find a flat area for the helicopter to land. I got back to the scene and the cops were working it and had traffic tied up in both directions. I saw the helo arriving and they started to let traffic through. I hope the guy is alright.
The ride back wasn't without incident either. A rider hit a deer between Kerrville and Fredericksburg. I don't know how that one turned out, but the deer was killed.
Other than those people having a really bad day it was a good ride. I am on my second set of Pirelli MT75 tires and they feel really good in the turns. The bike ran flawlessly while getting 70 mpg. The bike feels like it'll cruise at 8,000 rpm all day, no problem. Ninja 250s rule!

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