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Sun Dec 08, 2013 6:09 pm
Re: South Island        

Thanks dude, yeah you are pics seem like there is no one else on the road. Heres a ride summary;

I am an american living and working in Wellington, NZ. This was my week off work, and this bike trip was as epic as I imagined it would be. I took my bike across the Cook Straight on the 3 hr ferry ride to the south island, then did a counter-clockwise loop of the island. I passed through wine country, followed twisty roads alongside gorges, followed the road down the westcoast, saw some glaciers, passed through rainforests, crossed more than 30 one-lane bridges, traversed 4 or 5 mountian passes, and saw a few million sheep along the way. I really enjoyed the many roads the follow the edge of lakes, very senic, and very fun roads. I had some long days one being 11-12 hrs in the saddle including breaks. My brain was in such a daze after that ride I struggled to say may name when checking in to the hostel, haha. I had one rest day off the bike where I took a day walk out to a glacier lake where chunks of ice broke over the glacier and filled the lake with icebergs.

I did the ride solo, which was great as I could go at my own pace all week. I had fantastic weather with only 2 rainy days. In the more remote areas, there is zero traffic, which made the twisty bits a lot of fun. All in all, the bike held up fine. The only thing to break was my lowbeam burning out, so I rode with the highbeam all week as i only rode during the day anyway. I did have a few missed shifts where I got bumped into neutral. That freaked me out, but its just user error and hopefully not my bikes parts wearing out. The ride was 2500km, and I passed 80,000 on the odo at the end of the trip. One other thing I noticed was that at times, my oil pressure light took longer than normal to turn off when starting up. I started paying more attention to parking on level ground and putting it on the center stand for a minute before starting up, and that helped.

One other thing thats odd about my bike is the masterlink clip. I have no idea how long Ive been riding around without the clip, but I put one on before this ride and sure enough it was lost halfway through the week. This bike has probably went 10-20,000kms w/o a clip (?!?!?) prior to this trip. I will get another one and wire it on.

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