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Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:32 am
The Ninja knows how long it's been.        

I rode about 80 miles round-trip to take someone out to lunch. Starting was balky, even with choke, but after about eight seconds it caught . I've seen before that if you leave this bike unused for a couple of weeks, it warns you. Once, after an injury, I left it for six weeks and it took nearly all of a full battery (spread out over several tries to let the starter cool down) before it would start.

But all was well after it warmed up, and it was nice to be back out there again, even on the interstate. Debated whether to wear a windbreaker under the mesh armor, but left if off to honor this crazy weather. Now I'm hoping for rain and more rain in February. We sure need it in California, but the forecast isn't hopeful.

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