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Sat Mar 01, 2014 5:22 pm
here's what you're missing out on...        

Hey guys, greetings from Wellington NZ, We are in the last month or two of our summer. Prime riding weather, etc. Heres a taste of what you would have to deal with had you been riding:

I decided to put the fiance on the ninja to get here some more riding time (she doesn't have a bike of her own). Day starts by me noticing that a crew came by to reseal the wood parking deck that I park the ninja on, only they didn't tell me or the two other car owners parked there, so they splashed tar all over my bike and the car's wheels, before spreading rock over the tar. And they tore up my oxford bike cover while man-handling my bike. Seriously pissed me off. Anyway, off we go on our ride.

I am riding along on a 50cc scooter (with big bore kit to bump it to 80cc, and rev limiter removed) with her on the ninja. We are sticking to roads from 50kmh to 80 so I can keep up with here on the the scooter. 15km into the ride while cruising at 60kmh, the scooter cuts out, fiance ahead rides off not knowing there's a prob. Crap! Think I seized the engine! There's still resistance from compression when I kick it over. Pull the plug, doesn't look like its running very lean, but I can never tell with this engine for some reason. So I let it cool off, I raise the fueling an 1/8th turn on the carb, starts up OK, crisis avoided and off we go.

We wind our way through the area, get to a country road; a valley on its way up to a tall lookout over the coast line. We make it, enjoy the view, then head off to go home. I leave first, then stop a ways up the winding road waiting for the fiance on the ninja. She stops next to me abruptly, gets off the bike with her one leg still up on the seat, she starts screaming then kicks over the still running ninja! WTF?? I spring up and hit the kill switch and pick it up straight away, then scream "what the hell are you doing?!?!?!" Turns out that a spider crawled up her leg at the lookout we just came from and freaked her out. I shook her pant leg out and a 5cm wide spider with fuzzy legs fell out. OK.....i guess thats forgivable...only broke the tip off the brake lever and added new ware wounds to the fairings.

It felt soooooooo good to be home from that ride. So, that's what everyone in the states are missing out on, enjoy the snow while you can Smile

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