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Sat May 03, 2014 11:30 pm
Renewing my plate..who knew it would be an adventure        

Rode up to the local DMV (in MI we call it the Sec. of State) to renew my tabs and of course I waited until the last I went on a Wednesday when they have later hours.

I stood in line making conversation, holding my papers/money.. and not paying attention to the kids running around me. One of the kids stopped in front of me and grabbed a $5 out of my hand and then ran off to his mother, who was taking a test. I walked over, explained the situation to the mother, and asked for my money back. She took the money from her son, looked at it and put it in her pocket and said, "no name on it...finders keepers...I thought she was joking, but she was serious. I loudly said something like, "god bless you ma'am, I'm not going to jail for trying to take my money back from you"....loud enough that people in line heard me. I got back in line and everyone was talking about what a rotten mother she was, and some told her to give my money back...she didn't. She turned in her test and gave me the stink-eye on the way out.

I looked to where she had been sitting and noticed a small box sitting next to the the desk she had been sitting at. I grabbed it, hoping she would came back....and she did. I was at the counter when she came in and I had my hand on the box as it sat on the counter. She told me, "give me my box!". I looked over the box and said, "there's no name on it. Finders keepers". She left and I kept the box.

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