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Sun Jun 08, 2014 4:54 pm
Sunday Mornin' Drive        

So on the Bethlehem for the transmission shop victim. Head out of Littleton on 302 and look to my left when I get into Bethlehem. Road is pretty but getting rough. Cops were all over the place. Going out of Bethlehem I think uh-oh, somethings wrong. Another cop. So i pull over to check my directions and take another look. My route was to make a turn in Bethlehem about 500 feet from the transmission shop on NH 142 to head over to Lancaster. Since i missed the turn as well I headed back. When I saw the sign for 142 I looked to my right and there was the shop. No victim, so I guess that is why all the cops! On my escape from Bethlehem, guess what? You're right, more cops.
NH 142 could be a nice road to ride - if it didn't have wheel swallowing holes on it. This is a "smooth" section where I could pull off the pavement and not get hit should someone drive by. Nobody did, so I gues they all knew how bad the road was.


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