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Sat Aug 16, 2014 12:52 pm
Kettle Pond        

I know I talk to myself but this is getting silly.
This morning I woke up with no one around to tell me what to do, so I decided to go for a ride. Since SWMBO went to Florida for the weekend leaving me no cash I decided to go by the bank. Since I was then at south St. Jay I thought I might as well keep heading south on Rt 5. Rt 5 runs through some nice little villages as it follows the Connecticut river south on the Vermont side. Road is a bit bumpy at times with mostly sweeping turns. Did have one surprise as I came around one with an 18 wheeler backing into their private driveway! Down at Wells River I headed west on 302. 302 is in better shape, but there is more traffic. P & H Truck Stop always draws a crowd - so I just rode on by. Shortly after riding through the village of Groton (an excellent place to stop for supper) I came to 232 and headed north. 232 is in pretty good shape with a few twisties but you have to be careful of the slow moving cages and the local gendarme since the speed limit is 40. At Kettle Pond I pulled over and walked to the water to re-hydrate. After heading back north I came to Rt 2 and went east toward home. Got into a line of traffic a few miles before Danville and was stuck behind them until I arrived at I 91. North one exit and I was home - for two weeks.


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