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Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:00 am
Probably not...        

It was a 2 lane road, which in the UK means that the speed limit must have been 60mph or lower, so he was at least 37mph over the speed limit.

My inclination in that situation, assuming I was at or below the speed limit, would have been to slow down and cover the brakes when I saw the car moving to make the turn, making the assumption that a car that could be turning across my path may well not see me. Whether the accident could have been avoided by slowing down and giving a greater chance of swerving I don't know, but even if there had been a collision it would have been at a slower speed and more survivable. Remember that the energy of a collision goes with the square of the speed, so at 48mph you have 1/4 of the force to dissipate that you would have at 96mph. Deceleration also decreases and it's the G force that can kill you in crash. 50G may be survivable, 100G probably won't be and all else being equal, G forces scale directly with speed.

If you look at the speedometer, you can see that it appears he didn't slow down much at all. He did cover the brake and maybe slowed a few mph, but too little and too late.

On a track, 100mph is usually safe. Not much to hit if you do go down. On the highway it isn't. Too much to hit (or hit you).

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