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Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:42 pm
got caught in that same storm        

That Friday I thought I'd run a few errands on the bike. My reasoning is that if I took my Shelby out and it rained I'd have to get the car washed before putting the cover back on it! It sits covered 5 days a week most of the time.

It started raining while coming out of the hardware store. Just 2 miles home on the bike. I caught myself trying to go a little fast, to get home before getting drenched, and told myself to slow down. It wasn't that bad and better to get a little wet than push it too hard in the slick.
Rain isn't really that bad, kind fun, except for not being able to see well.

Just had to keep brushing my thumb across the faceshield of my helmet and crack it open a bit when at a stop light to keep from fogging up.

I always keep a micro towel in my tank bag and when I got home took it out and dried things off. Mainly my helmet and the windscreen and mirrors.

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