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Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:44 pm

I was riding in the rain a couple of months ago on the Ventura Freeway in Eagle Rock, in the carpool lane in traffic and doing maybe 60, when I noticed this moto behind me, in lane-splitting position. I moved to the middle of the lane and past me he went in his Aerostich. Some guys will split at any speed - not me, though. Anyway, he gave me a comradely wave.

My favorite Southern California rain experience was when I went to Big Bear almost a year ago, and it was raining lightly in the mountains. I was on the SV650 with those Michelin Pilot 3 tires, which have rain sipes. I had traction to spare to use the wet passing lanes up there at 7000 feet. I wear my Cycleport mesh armor and rain gear underneath, and stay bone-dry.

And my winter gloves have a tiny windshield-wiper strip of rubber on the left thumb. I made good use of it.

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