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Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:30 pm
Once in a lifetime, maybe        

I went through Big Bend last April on my coast-to-coast-to-coast trip, leaving from Marfa, bouncing off Presidio and then along the Rio Grande to Lajitas. I stayed in Terlingua for the night and spent the afternoon riding down to Santa Elena Canyon and back, in some thunderstorms. Gorgeous.

That was a fabulous place, probably made better by the relatively good weather and plentiful blooms in April. I was struck by how FAR APART everything is there. Once you leave the Terlingua area, you have 100 miles plus to Marathon, the only town (village?) of any size around there.

And, of course, east of Marathon, you get into a whole lot of nothin' as you make your way toward Del Rio.

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