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Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:20 am
Thanks Mark, glad someone read it. Wink        

I keep thinking I'll spend a few hours and put together a long narrative, to better ensure nobody wants to read it. Tongue

The rack is one from the Harley-Davidson Parts & Accessories catalog, probably about $130 or so. It happened that another rider who gave up cruisers had an old Saddleman luggage he didn't need anymore, and because I found a buyer for one of his bikes before he even advertised, he was in a charitable mood. He said I should use the luggage on my trip, and if it works I should give him $50, and give it back otherwise. I knew when I had it on my bike that it was a keeper. Now the rack says keep it no more than 10 lbs, but the pack was pushing 25 lbs, further proving that if you're not carrying a 10-lb dumbbell to hammer the rack with every bump, but instead have a big mass of squishy clothing, there's no trouble.

The pack's rain cover was not waterproof, and my mom sewed up a part that was fraying into a rip, but otherwise it was great. I just used more plastic bags on the contents once I found out about the first problem.

I love hi-viz jackets. People tell me often how lit up I am in mine.

Good to hear from you! I hope all is well with you.

-Mike Dougherty
Weatherford, OK

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