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Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:32 am
There are few bikes on which I like windshields        

GeorgeRYoung wrote:
A windshield keeps the breeze off your chest, you don't get thumped by gusts, and you use less effort holding onto the bars.

George you're right, if you can get the right shield. If the blast isn't making me feel like I'm going to fly off the back of the bike (as it does on, say, a Trimuph Bonneville or a CB750) then I prefer a clean wind to a turbulent one. I have pretty low bars on my Sportster, the tank is a little high (not much), and then just having the dual gauges in the front seems to be enough. It's comfy to use the passenger pegs and lean into the wind too.

But I do agree that a well-designed windshield (which differs from rider to rider, and of course bike to bike) can certainly make long days easier. My 2005 Ninja's wasn't bad, though I bought a couple taller ones from a fellow on here who would cut them from the raw stuff and sell them. In winter I preferred the taller one just to keep me warmer but didn't care for the added turbulence.

I think the best windshield experience I ever had was riding one of the earlier Concours bikes. It was like being in a car with the vents on but aimed around you. One of the worst was my stock 2007 DL650 V-Strom, which the aftermarket mostly corrected with the MadStad bracket that let you tilt it. Otherwise it was so far forward and high enough that it was like riding just far enough behind a truck that you got the worst of its wake. That was probably around the time I started to despise many windshield applications. Those little lip windshields that they put on top of the big cruisers' fairings are probably the worst. I've read threads by people who spend lots trying to find one that works on a particular bike for them. I'm just happy I don't seem to need one on mine. Only in strong headwinds or downpours do I really miss it.

One does build up the ab and arm muscles by riding a naked bike long distances.

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