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Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:55 pm
Neat project. Glad it worked for you.        

There was a fellow on here who used to cut that stuff for a few different shields for the Ninjas. Maybe he still does. I bought a couple from him: one that had a little hand protection from the wind but was tall and gave me some turbulence, and another that was half-way between the stocker and the tall one. I still used the tall one in winter. (Out here there are almost no 2-week periods where you don't see mid fifties, Fahrenheit of course.)

Attached is a picture from early in my Sportster owning days, a bit over four years ago I guess, when a friend gave me an old fairing he got from a two-for EBay purchase. If I had been a bit taller it might have worked for me but it was actually buzzy-turbulent. I noticed that it was fine if I raised up a bit on the pegs. It might also have been fine if I were closer to the bars, or if I removed the lip from it, that was like the lip on a Connie like yours I test-rode once, taht actually did seem to work.

Currently I have a tall sitting position that might work with the fairing in the picture but I don't think that's permanent. I am probably going to try forward pegs, or sell the bike and get a 1200 Sportster. I'm still deciding. But trying windscreens at the moment is low on my list, since I don't mind long distances on the naked bike. Someday I may change my tune.


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