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Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:28 pm
Carb Boots        

Alright, the dealio is this: Im tired of the stock airbox on my lil ninjette floppin around and pullin the boots off the carbs. So I decided to do some research and figure out how to put sum pods on. All the info I see, says get pods, put on, jet. I can understand that, partially. What I wonder is why nobody seems to have asked the more pertinent question: Why do the factory boots have that funny shape in em? The inside shape of the box to carb boots channels air a specific way into the openings on the carbs and allows the needle to move in a very specific ratio to the amount of air entering the carbs.

So, my question is this: Why is there not a single pod or adapter on the market that retains that shape for these carbs, and why do we just frivolously throw out the design Kawi spent so long developing for it?

Side note: I know the shape is very important from my recent "experiments". I ran the bike with foam zip tied directly onto the end of the boots, no go>> boggy, no rev, super lean. Then I tried no boots at all>>boggy, no rev, super lean. Then I tried boots, no filter element, no box>> responsive, runs to redline, very slightly lean (indicated by the more pronounced, well known, "flat spot" in the middle just under power). Currently, I have the boots chopped up, so that the only parts of them remaining are the 2 shapes in the molding and the opening that holds onto the carbs directly. It runs just fine like that (aside from the no filter thing)

PS: I will be posting pics of my progress as I create an actual intake system for this baby. Pods, but no need for aftermarket needles, and going maaayyyybe one size up in jet. (However, keep in mind im at 4800ft asl)

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