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Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:26 pm
Funny you should say that        

Oops. A bit too late on the box. Already shredded apart. Like a kid in a toy story I made a hasty decision, got tired of it cutting up my hands while trying to put the boots on. Im currently running w the boots on, and the front and top of thebox removed. I am going to put some pods on, but I'm keeping the factory boot shape. And remember, I'm at 4800ASL so I have to run a bit leaner than your average joe anyway. Again, I'll post pics once I'm finished. Granted, yes I could always buy another factory box, but I'm the type that can't leave well enough alone. If the design were easier to maintain and/or work with, I would leave it the way it is, but this way, I can cut the airbox up a bit more, put 4GA battery cables and a larger battery in the thing (just because I want to). I've already don the fender delete, without a "kit" of any kind. The turn signals are now in the rear light housing, where Kawi didnt originally put any lights, but made the housings available.....strange.

Soon, my plan is to find a 600 front end and swap it out, and I've already cut the factory rear shock mount off and made a custom one for an adjustable shock to fit. Almost any shock will go now, as long as its got the eyelet on top and clevis style on the bottom. I'm a bit of a fabricator, I'm decent w plastic, and cutting metals, and I have a buddy that does all my welding.

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