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Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:29 am
Funny how they evolve, too.        

Daryl wrote:
I don't get to take near as many motorcycle trips as I used to, I enjoy any I can go on and all ways enjoy hearing about friends trips too!


Yeah, that may have been my last year for a while because it's less likely the wife will keep both kids in Taiwan all summer anymore. The 17-year-old girl wants to get a job stateside, and the 14-year-old (autistic) girl is increasingly terrified of TSA dogs, and any other dog a passenger might want to walk around the gate areas. Plus it's expensive!

And it's funny how the plans for this trip gelled. What I planned in February looked nothing like what I did in July and August. In between, I got an invitation to the 30th high school reunion in N Illinois, and found out a bunch of my family would be in Gunnison, CO shortly after that, plus a friend in Chattanooga had a bike (CBR250R) I really was interested in buying in March but was less enthusiastic about in August when I rode it, probably just because I was quite bonded to the Sportster and a little too tired to be very enthused about flying out to buy and ride home (800 miles) such a little bike.

Also around March I had offered, if practical, to ride a very new Wide Glide a couple bought before moving to South Carolina, without figuring out how to put it on their trailer. (Good thing, as they kind of lost the trailer in a minor accident between OK and SC.) They would fly me back after I rode it out to see them, but in the end I talked them into a moving company. I did get to ride it around a little, and it is a righteous beast, if not necessarily one to tour on (like a stock Sportster is?).

Anyhow, sometime in July the various missions and the route all came together. My previous longest was about 2400-2700, I forget which, but it's probably posted on here somewhere. Doing these trips not very often can make them pretty special when they happen!

Then again everytime I hit a rainstorm I thought to myself "too many of these and the probabilities will catch up to me," or "is this the dumbest thing I do?" Then again, I don't think I'm going to turn down many of these opportunities when they come up!

Thanks for reading!

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