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Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:58 pm
Update On Boots        

Ok, I know its been a little bit, but I'm still working on fixing this thing. Primarily the time is because of money, ie not having any. But i digress. I have narrowed down a good system. I'm currently running decent on Prototype 1.1, which boils down to the factory boots cut up and glued to some 1 7/8" exhaust pipe, around 5 inches long with some (for now) fabric zip tied onto the end. I've gone from factory 105 jets to 110 (only because I couldnt find the 108 in stock anywhere here in town) and a single "shim" on the needles. With my current setup, I'm running just a smoooooch rich.
By just a smooch, I mean small hiccups around 6k, and poor rev and big hiccups above 10.5k rpm. Not enough power to go better than 60-65mph. I know this is a rich condition, because if I remove the "filters" I lean out quite a bit and can go a bit faster (80s) but I get severe lean pops at high rpm.
So my current goal is creating a filter element that has enough surface area to feed the engine at all rpms, and dial in the jetting. I'm betting that just fixing the filter setup will lean out the mixture enough such that I dont need to mess with the jets any more.

Will be posting pics of Mk1 and Mk2 prototypes once I get Mk3 ready for testing.

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