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Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:11 pm
Click-click -or- Clunk-clunk        

Click-click....yes I know the first thought is dead battery...that's why I went and bought a new battery and have it connected to a tender...after a while, took battery to a automotive competitor shop to have it checked...loaded it with 200 cold cranking amps - it tested good...

I've checked and rechecked the battery, solenoid, and all connections: everything checked out good... Like I said, after trying to push start it, it actually started to turn over with the electric starter and even started!!!

But then it died....and back to click-click....

Clunk-clunk - NOW this is a problem I was having a while back....and somehow I found out that it may indicate that the bike is low on oil...added oil...problem solved!
Last few days that I've been troubleshooting it...this was the first time that I got the clunk-clunk before the click-click...and now, I am stuck again on click-click...

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