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Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:02 pm

iNOSFERATUii wrote:
juliusmichaelhonrada wrote:
remove the circle rubber cover on the stator cover on the left side of the bike to expose the Flywheel , get a 14mm ratchet or any tool. make sure the transmission is in neutral , turn it counterclockwise(dont turn clockwise or your cam chain will skip a tooth in the camshaft and timing will be f***) , if you cant turn it your engine is seized , a piston is seized thats why the starter motor cant turn the flywheel too..


1st go in neutral gear then

Get a big washer , like 1 inch , then stick it in the circle rubber that looks like Philips on the left side of the engine , and turn it counterclockwise using a vicegrip,etc , the same direction you use to loosen a screw. once it is opened get a 14mm hex socket , ratchet or any tool that is long, stick it inside there is a NUT turn it counter clockwise or the same way you loosen a screw.

that nut you are turning is called the flywheel bolt , its connected to the crankshaft -> pistons , and the camshaft to , so the point here is if you cant turn it , it means something there is stucked solid that is preventing you from turning it and the next step is you need to tear down your whole engine and find what is the problem.

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