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Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:14 pm
sorry i forgot to mention the engine oil will come out        

iNOSFERATUii wrote:
juliusmichaelhonrada wrote:
remove the circle rubber cover on the stator cover on the left side of the bike to expose the Flywheel , get a 14mm ratchet or any tool. make sure the transmission is in neutral , turn it counterclockwise(dont turn clockwise or your cam chain will skip a tooth in the camshaft and timing will be f***) , if you cant turn it your engine is seized , a piston is seized thats why the starter motor cant turn the flywheel too..

So..I finally did this!!!...only to have a GUSH of fluid come flowing out...it was dark reddish like the Motol oil and smells like gas...now I'm not sure...but I am pretty sure that that isn't something that should happen. So...now what should I do?

im sorry that was your engine oil i forgot to mention that , so are you able to spin the crankshaft by hand???

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