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Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:49 am
29 AUGUST 2016 UPDATE        

iNOSFERATUii wrote:
juliusmichaelhonrada wrote:
remove the circle rubber cover on the stator cover on the left side of the bike to expose the Flywheel , get a 14mm ratchet or any tool. make sure the transmission is in neutral , turn it counterclockwise(dont turn clockwise or your cam chain will skip a tooth in the camshaft and timing will be f***) , if you cant turn it your engine is seized , a piston is seized thats why the starter motor cant turn the flywheel too..

So..I finally did this!!!...only to have a GUSH of fluid come flowing was dark reddish like the Motol oil and smells like I'm not sure...but I am pretty sure that that isn't something that should happen. what should I do?

SO...last week I asked the question about not starting 'ER up till after this GUSH of fluid issue is resolved...and I was informed to check for contaminated oil...which I haven't done as of yet...might try to accomplish today...but I've been wondering.... What would be the CAUSE of this issue? ...whatever the issue is considering it has been going on for a while...since spring of last year as a matter of fact!

It started by going completely dead on me and leaving me stranded a couple of times. ...Then, I would MOVE the bike to a different location and try to start it and it would start sometimes for a couple of days...then all of a sudden it would either not turn over at all or if it did it would click-clunk ...I'd move it manually again...rock it a few times...and all of sudden something would click (like a gear falling into place) ...and boom, it would start again!

Back then, I was just starting to troubleshoot the problem in between school and work...when I had the minor accident in June, 2015...Bad month led to a bad year and now here I am again a year later with the same frustrating problem and unable to ride...which is the most overwhelming thing right now!

Also, I forgot to mention that we can push start the bike and if that doesn't work for whatever reason, it does eliminate the Clunk-clunk noise and allows the engine to turn over a few times.

So any insight into what the problem could be so I can just take care of it once and for all would really be appreciated. ... Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

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