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Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:41 am
After 7 years and 83K miles, my first real problem        

I rode to a friend's house Saturday and all was well. When I got ready to leave I turned the key to ON and the instrument cluster panel lit up as normal, then after a fraction of a second it went dark. That's it, nothing. The entire bike is dead. I checked the main fuse visually, it's transparent and it looked ok. I checked the battery with a voltmeter and it's showing just over 13V (it's a new lithium, just installed it a few months ago). I got the bike towed back home and it's sitting now, I haven't started any work on it yet.

My first guess is something in the ignition switch. I've got the Helckhouse schematic and have some familiarity with circuits, so I'm planning on starting at the fuse panel and working my way toward the ignition switch. I'm not looking forward to replacing that because I'll have to rekey all my other locks to match it. Sad

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